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     Application: Sungod

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    Posts: 2
    Join date: 2012-04-21

    PostSubject: Application: Sungod   Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:24 am

    Desired In-Game Name: Sungod

    Your SW:TOR Forum Account Name: Sungod

    Your Age: 29

    Your sex: Male

    Your local time zone: EST

    How did you Hear About Us?: I asked around random people in the fleet which is the most respected guild and a majority of players said this one was it.

    How much do you know about Star Wars?:Seen all movies, played console games, and believe in the jedi philosophy of the 'Force'.

    What is your MMORPG Resumé?:Ultima Online, D&D, Lord of Rings, WoW.

    Have you been in any other SW:TOR guilds?: Yes i used to be part of the "Brotherhood" on Imp side on a diffrent pvp server. (Im sick of working for empire).

    Short Character Bio
    Race: Mirialan

    Age: 30

    Character class: Jedi Knight - Guardian

    Character sex: Male

    Homeworld: Hutta

    Small History: Born to refugee parents scattered during the great war, Sungod grows up as a street criminal, working for the Hutt cartels. Until one day he tries to mug a man walking on the street. The man turns out to be a Jedi master and after noticing the great power of the Force that Sungod has, askes him to leave behind the life of crime and join the Jedi order. Sungod leaves Hutta and never looks back.
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    Jedi Knight

    Posts: 484
    Join date: 2011-08-06

    Character sheet
    Race: Miraluka
    Birth Year: unknown
    Division and/or Class: Knight - Jedi Guardian

    PostSubject: Re: Application: Sungod   Sat Apr 21, 2012 11:41 am

    Interested in seeing where you can take your back story. The name sungod will bring a lot of attention to you due to the stigma of people RP'n in "God Mode". It would have been cool to make up a name and say it meant sun god in your native tonuge, but i'm not here to judge the book by its cover and would really like to see what you have to offer. I see that you are 29 and if im reading correctly you believe in the jedi philosophy of the 'Force' IRL so I can trust that your RP will be exceptional. If you havent yet make sure to check out Sokan Rules to get a better understanding of whats expected of you. With that said you will begin your two week trial period as a force sensitive. During this period take the time to interact with the guild as much as possible through guild chat and OOC channel. If you are a good fit we will accept you as a member of sokan after the two weeks. In the mean time welcome and enjoy! Knights of Sokan

    Information This should help you get started good luck!

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    Marlon Vasan

    Posts: 752
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    Location: Puerto Rico

    Character sheet
    Race: Zabrak
    Birth Year: 11 BTC
    Division and/or Class: Knight - Jedi Guardian

    PostSubject: Re: Application: Sungod   Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:10 pm

    Welcome to KoS hope to see you in our rps on tuesdays Very Happy

    We all take different paths, it doesn't matter what path you take because the path is not what defines us, but who and what we find in the path is what defines us and makes us stronger. エイルは、私はいつもあなたを愛するでしょう

    Marlon Vasan: Wiki(under construction)
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    Posts: 2
    Join date: 2012-04-21

    PostSubject: Re: Application: Sungod   Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:49 pm

    Thank you very much for accepting me to the trial... Reason i picked Songod is because those where the titles given to the 'fallen angels' in earth history.

    Btw could you please msg me with the names of people in the guild that i can msg to be added? thank you very much.
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    Application: Sungod

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