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 Application: Bokula

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Posts : 11
Join date : 2012-05-12
Location : New York

PostSubject: Application: Bokula   Sun May 13, 2012 1:15 am

Desired In-Game Name:
Bokula (Bow-kue-lah) Luchen

Your SW:TOR Forum Account Name:

Your Age:

Your sex:

Your local time zone:

How did you Hear About Us?: I was approached by the a recruitment officer, sorry i forget his name.

How much do you know about Star Wars?:
I have seen all of the movies. I have played Republic Commando, Battlefront 1 & 2, some of KOTOR, the Force Unleashed, LEGO Star Wars. I have not read any of the books though i know some of the lore from them. I have played the tabletop Star Wars D20 role playing game extensively.

What is your MMORPG Resumé?:
World of Warcraft, EverQuest, City of Heroes

Have you been in any other SW:TOR guilds?:

Short Character Bio


Character class:
Jedi Guardian

Character sex:


Small History:

The story of Bokula Luchen begins much like the story of other Jedi. He was discovered as force-sensitive before his first birthday and was quickly taken to the temple on Coruscant. Being a Miraluka the force was something that was completely intrinsic to the core of his being and he took to it like a fish to water. The most notable event during his early training was when he was able to defeat a padawan many years his elder while only having just started his saber training.
His training however would be tragically cut short just two years before he would graduate to the rank of padawan. The sacking of the temple of Coruscant was the single most devastating moment in the young jedi's life. He was one of the lucky few who survived by fleeing the temple in a shuttle not without witnessing the deaths of many jedi. While fleeing it was discovered that a Sith had hidden aboard. This Sith monster silently stalked every member of the crew killing them one by one. Bokula was tasked with watching over the children of the Jedi temple and while he wanted to fight this Sith he held fast to his duty. Due to his races unique advantage of "seeing" with the force he was able to detect the Sith's movements. In a move he would regret for the rest of his life, he left the children to make them appear vulnerable. The Sith took the bait and went after the children thinking them defenseless. It was at this point that Bokula sprung his trap and surprised the Sith by shutting off the lights and disarming the Sith of his lightsaber. He was able to kill the Sith in question but a one of the children died in the confrontation by the Sith's hand.
After the events of the shuttle Bokula felt very conflicted and isolated himself on the jungle planet of Kashyyk. He spent roughly ten years meditating and getting in touch with the living force. Towards the end of the decade Sith forces lead a raid on a local Wookie village. Bokula, having befriended the local people, could not sit idly by and helped the Wookies fight off the raiders not without making a few Sith enemies. Bokula felt that it was time to finish his Jedi training and rejoin the galactic struggle against the Sith. He felt he could not escape his destiny of Sith confrontation no matter where he was. So he took the first shuttle off planet and took the first step of his new life as a Jedi.

Personality: Bokula values life greatly and will not stand idly by while innocent or defenseless beings are hurt. He abhors slavery of any kind. He is a strong believer in the Jedi Code and does not shy from confrontation. The events of his past still haunt him and he still questions his judgement from time to time.
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Posts : 24
Join date : 2012-01-30

Character sheet
Birth Year:
Division and/or Class:

PostSubject: Re: Application: Bokula   Sun May 13, 2012 1:33 am

Ohh, I really like your character. You're obviously a skilled RPer. Let me be the first to say hi...
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Posts : 271
Join date : 2011-12-24

PostSubject: Re: Application: Bokula   Sun May 13, 2012 1:59 am

The Forc wrote:
The member 'Tsura' has done the following action : Dices roll

#1 'd20' : 13


#2 'd10' : 8

LOL What? and Nice app, the recruitment officer should get a hold of you soon to review it and once he does its comes down to in game invitation

welcome to KoS Very Happy

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Sorn Karibe

Sorn Karibe

Posts : 404
Join date : 2011-07-28
Location : NV

Character sheet
Race: Human
Birth Year: 7 BTC
Division and/or Class: Knight - Jedi Guardian

PostSubject: Re: Application: Bokula   Sun May 13, 2012 3:48 am

Very good application and amazing background. Welcome to KoS.
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Jedi Knight

Posts : 484
Join date : 2011-08-06

Character sheet
Race: Miraluka
Birth Year: unknown
Division and/or Class: Knight - Jedi Guardian

PostSubject: Re: Application: Bokula   Sun May 13, 2012 8:22 am

Random whispers on the fleet are working I guess lol good morning Bokula and thank you for applying. First off I want to say it is great to find someone that not only created an original back story, but kept it core lore based and stuck to the timeline of SWtor and meeting the guild very impressive. The sacrifice of one for many is a sad thing, but at times is necessary and the person that has to make that call will live with regret I ihope we can help you overcome the grief. You are joining at a great time we have the next clan gorup getting ready to start so you will begin your lessons there. With age comes maturity and with that I hope we found a strong Rper, a loyal guild member and a future friend here in the guild. Normally there is a 2 week trial period but like in the past I feel like you are going to progress nicely in the guild so im going to waive it. Well my friend let me stop rambling and welcome Initiate Bokula to the guild see you in game and may the force be with you!

Here is Information on what you should be checking out and to help you get started in the guild again welcome. I might not be on through out the day so if you guys contacting him first get him in guild thanks!

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Marlon Vasan

Marlon Vasan

Posts : 752
Join date : 2011-07-01
Location : Puerto Rico

Character sheet
Race: Zabrak
Birth Year: 11 BTC
Division and/or Class: Knight - Jedi Guardian

PostSubject: Re: Application: Bokula   Sun May 13, 2012 10:54 am

Welcome to the guild and as Xenlid said today we will be meeting up on tython around 8pm est so to choose the name of the new clan.

We all take different paths, it doesn't matter what path you take because the path is not what defines us, but who and what we find in the path is what defines us and makes us stronger. エイルは、私はいつもあなたを愛するでしょう

Marlon Vasan: Wiki(under construction)
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Torren Starfire

Torren Starfire

Posts : 860
Join date : 2010-09-25
Location : New York

Character sheet
Race: Human
Birth Year: 12 BTC
Division and/or Class: Knight - Jedi Sentinel

PostSubject: Re: Application: Bokula   Sun May 13, 2012 2:05 pm

Welcome! Jedi Knight
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Agen Laseid
Jedi Investigator
Agen Laseid

Posts : 591
Join date : 2009-12-10
Location : California, United States

Character sheet
Race: Human
Birth Year: 20 BTC
Division and/or Class: PvE Master - Jedi Archaeologist

PostSubject: Re: Application: Bokula   Sun May 13, 2012 9:11 pm

Hey Hey! Welcome to KoS! Lovin that backstory, can't wait to see you in game Very Happy

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no chaos; there is harmony.
There is no death; there is the Force. -Jedi Code
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Posts : 11
Join date : 2012-05-12
Location : New York

PostSubject: wow...   Sun May 13, 2012 11:00 pm

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I apologize that I could not be a part of the 8pm meeting on Tython but I didnt get to check the messages until just now. I am glad to be part of this guild and look forward to meeting may of you in game. See you soon!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Bokula   

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Application: Bokula
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