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 Application: Estelle Zyar

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PostSubject: Application: Estelle Zyar   Fri May 18, 2012 10:49 pm

Desired In-Game Name:

-Estelle Zyar

Your SW:TOR Forum Account Name:


Your Age: 19

Your sex: Male

Your local time zone: EST

How did you Hear About Us?:

-Looked into the guild prior to launch and have seen multiple members running around on the server.

How much do you know about Star Wars?:

-I'd like to think I know a good deal Smile I've found my self surfing wookieepedia for hours a few times and I could probably recite all the movies word for word by now haha.

What is your MMORPG Resumé?:

-SWG - 2 and a half years

Have you been in any other SW:TOR guilds?:

-I was for a few weeks but it didn't work out and I don't think it is even around anymore.

Short Character Bio

Race: Mirialan

Age: 22

Character class: Jedi Sage

Character sex: Female

Homeworld: Corellia

Small History:

Estelle Zyar was born on Corellia ten years prior to the end of the Great Galactic War and the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. Her father was a member of the Green Jedi and her mother was an officer in CorSec. Initially, she was raised as a Green Jedi by her father but, following the Sacking of Coruscant and the destruction of the Jedi Temple, her father requested the Jedi Order take his only daughter. He sensed a bright future for her and felt that the Jedi Order needed her more than the Green Jedi.

After being transferred to the Jedi Order, she was taken from her Corellian home to the Jedi Enclave on the mysterious ice planet called Ilum. The Jedi Council wanted to try to remove her strong emotional bond to her father by taking her to a place very few outside the order knew of, including her father. Over the years, she was trained by many masters and established a strong connection to the force. Her prowess with the force was astonishing for such a young acolyte in the order. Sensing great potential, she was relocated to Tython, the new home of the Jedi Order, to receive further training.

Eventually, her duties as a Jedi and the escalating conflict with the Sith Empire brought Estelle back to her homeworld of Corellia. Distraught over seeing her homeworld ravaged by war, she sought to try to find her family and make sure they were safe. Unfortunately, she discovered that her mother was killed years before by a terrorist organization in a bombing. She also came to learn that her father had been killed by a female Sith Warrior named Xuya when the Sith invaded the Green Jedi Enclave.

After sometime of tracking down the Sith, the two finally came face to face. Estelle was driven by emotion and her rage for the Imperial almost made her lose herself to the Dark Side. Luckily, Xuya was not a normal Sith. She practiced the ways of the light and had not, in fact, killed Estelle's father. Xuya had actually established a good relationship with Estelle's father and was trying to reform the Sith Empire from within. Estelle's father made a deal with Xuya. He let her kill him so that she could solidify her appearance as a true Sith until the time was right on the condition that she eventually seek out his daughter, give her his lightsabers, explain to her the truth behind his death, and to tell her that he never stopped loving her.

Estelle sensed the truth in the Sith's words and the two formed a strong friendship and a unique force bond. During the beginning of the Second Great Galactic War, Estelle used her friendship with the Sith to learn about the Sith Empire's movements. One such incident was when the Sith planned to assault the planet Ilum for its powerful crystals. Estelle was able to warn the Republic and the Order quick enough to not be completely caught off guard. Now, Estelle is charged with protecting her second home not long after liberating her homeworld from the Empire...
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Marlon Vasan

Marlon Vasan

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PostSubject: Re: Application: Estelle Zyar   Sat May 19, 2012 11:58 am

Welcome to Kos xenlid will get to your app in a few

We all take different paths, it doesn't matter what path you take because the path is not what defines us, but who and what we find in the path is what defines us and makes us stronger. エイルは、私はいつもあなたを愛するでしょう

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Application: Estelle Zyar
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